Going Back To School – Fluid Creativity at Search School Manchester

Fluid Creativity will be joining the learned scholars at Manchester Metropolitan University in February, imparting knowledge onto the next generation of online marketers at the very first Search School Manchester.

Presenting a lecture on the essentials of “how to optimise a page and site”, I’m proud to have been offered the chance to support this burgeoning and important initiative, along with a number of other SEM professionals from around the Manchester area, including Neil Yeomans (Lakestar Media), Martin Cozens (Banc Media), Claire Wescott (I-COM) and Mindy Gofton (I-COM).

The day-long programme is the brainchild of Director of Executive Programmes at MMU Business School, David Edmundson-Bird. The intention is to introduce students and graduates to the often confusing world of search engine marketing, and help them to understand it’s many facets. As well as on-page search engine optimisation, topics will also include keyword research, pay per click, and how social media can be integrated in to a search marketing strategy.

Edmundson-Bird commented;

“I wanted to run a serious day for students in digital marketing to see some real knowledge about SEM. This is so we get a raft of local grads who know more than just what they’ve read in a book. They’re really interested in seeing this happen.

There are lots of students across Manchester who have a bit of insight, even a developed knowledge about digital marketing. What they lack is some in-depth knowledge about specific techniques. They’ve heard of SEO, but that’s about it.”

Th event takes place at MMU Business School on February 17th and should be a great day of learning for all involved.

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  • “Fluid Creativity is an award-winning, multi-service digital agency based in Manchester.”
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