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Yesterday we were greeted by the lovely people taking part in the computing course at Tameside College. It’s their second visit in as many years and we look forward to another visit in the next decade! We answered questions on web development, web trends and where we think the web is going, how to be more employable in the digital industries and the kinds of things we look for in people. It was fantastic to see local talent being grown right here on our doorstep!

Myself and Mike, one of our senior developers, showed the lucky people all round Fluid Towers, demonstrating some of the projects we’ve been working on and the kinds of technology we use to get the job done. We were lucky enough to have John Pywell give his thoughts on the visit to Fluid HQ.

“We wanted to gain insights into the latest technologies and techniques used in web design and development.  This is something that academic institutions like ourselves really need to keep abreast of if we are to give our students the best possible start on their careers in this industry.  It is too easy to get into a rut of teaching out-of-date practices and using software that is not current.

We feel privileged to have the multiple award-winning team at FluidCreativity take the time to explain to our students all aspects of their work.  We were impressed with the efficiency of their set-up and how they make the most of the specialisms and skills of each of their staff, from designers and code developers to search engine specialists and animators.  The fact that each of their staff need to continually update their skills and master cutting-edge technology to produce the best possible product for their clients is a sober lesson for our students who may fall into the trap of relying purely on their qualification to succeed in the industry.

We saw much evidence of the use of such technology during our visit, with examples of advanced Content Management Systems, bespoke online product creation and purchasing using customer-interactive animations, and multiple-platform solutions for all sizes of business.

All-in-all our visit was very inspiring and motivational to both staff and students alike!

What would a visit be without a nice photograph to remember the occasion? Thanks to everyone who attended, we look forward to a new visit in the new decade.


More information about the College’s Higher Education courses can be found here.

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