Flutter: Twitter For Cool People

Twitter is new, cool and exciting, but don’t you find that sometimes 140 characters is just a little too much? You don’t have time for the opinions or flowerly writing that 140 character allow, you just need to know what’s happening RIGHT NOW, right? Enter Flutter.

Allowing you only 26 characters per post, Flutter helps you to make sure every message you write or read is ulta-concise and to the point.

“We limit our users’ posts – or flaps, is what we like to call them, because it’s like a hummingbird’s wings flapping, which is like really fast, which is like, you know, faster than a regular bird tweets – we limit it to 26 characters” says CEO Zack Ryman.

Watch the video below for the news on the next big thing to hit Social Media. You’ll all be doing it this time next year.

(Yes, it’s a joke – all thanks to the guys at SlateV.com)

  • Written by on 9th April 2009 at 11:40
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