Fluid Launches Shiny New iPhone Site

We’ve just launched the iPhone version of the Fluid Creativity website and it’s looking great! We’re all very impressed how well the site has come out.

The beauty of creating an iPhone specific version of the site is both the screen size of the device and the web browser is fixed. This allowed us to experiment with some of the more advanced CSS 3 properties currently implemented in Safari, such as gradients and transitions.

iPhone website

In addition some useful Safari properties allow us to link directly to a Google Map of our office and have the iPhone application load, making it easier for you all to find us! Visitors can also call us directly from the site without having to remember our telephone number.

Fluid Creativity Office Map
The main website is built on top of the industry standard Zend Framework, so the iPhone detection was a simple as creating a custom front controller plugin. By examining the user agent of the device we can determine if the user is using an iPhone or iPod Touch and transparently redirect them to the iPhone version of the website.

Although the site has only just gone live we already have a huge list of ideas for the next version including full integration with our custom CMS. This will allow visitors to browse our new blog posts and portfolio items directly from the device with some fancy styling thrown in for good measure!

If you’re interested in an iPhone version of your website please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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