Fluid gets TwitFaced (that’s industry speak for very drunk…)

Last Friday saw the AD and Fluid teams unite in Manchester to take on TwitFaced11. Manchester’s favourite networking event had returned bigger and better than ever, and this time the ‘Dos Amigos’ themed event was held at Lucha Libre in Great Northern Square.

The night offered a great opportunity for the team to meet like-minded industry professionals, network and get into the ‘spirit’ of things with more than a few shots of Tequila (naturally). First there were Tacos, then there was limbo and no one really remembers the rest…

TwitFaced 11

Our very own DJ and his eye-catching jumper. The new poster-boy for Twitfaced.

The team at TwitFaced had really pulled out all the stops to make sure the venue looked great and the atmosphere was relaxed. There were snacks laid out for hungry guests, and some of Lucha Libre’s finest dishes were available to sample – including the very tasty tacos our team opted for.


There was a magician doing the rounds ready to dazzle the increasingly impressionable attendees, but the uncontested highlight of the night was the limbo contest. Only Cat was daring enough to take on the challenge, and she put up a brave fight.

Most importantly, the night was one of the first opportunities for the Fluid and AD teams to network and socialise together outside of work, and to have the chance to present ourselves as the new, expanded team. We were welcomed with open arms into the TwitFaced family, and the Glasgow team were given a pretty fun induction into Manchester life.


So thanks to everyone who helped make the night such an eventful one, we’ll definitely be seeing you at the next one!

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