Fluid Descends on the TFM&A and eCommerce Expo…

On Wednesday 15th May some of our Fluid team (including my little self) plodded down to Manchester Central to gain some insight into the world of marketing at the TFM&A and eCommerce expodition. As a marketing apprentice looking for inspiration, I was thoroughly excited to fill my marketing knowledge bowl to the brim with inside information to take away and apply.

The first thing I noticed had to be dress sense didn’t it? But I immediately felt as if I stood out, all these marketing experts dressed smart and savvy looking like they knew what they were talking about (which they definitely did of course) and then there was me. With my parker coat over my arm, curled up note pad and broken pen scribbling down as much as I could, I still concentrated on filling up this knowledge bowl of mine.

As my colleagues networked with well known marketing friends I stood digesting every word said and jotting down onto that curly notepad of mine like it was my first day at school, trying to fit in with the big kids. We met some great industry peers that gave us a low down on how they felt the day went and how their businesses were going, as well as feedback on ourselves.

One of my favourite parts of the day was the stands and how they were set out and designed, there were some interesting and sadly some quite drab designs. Pure 360 stood out for miles with their vintage and quirky look, they had everyone being drawn to their stand and looking around at the book shelves with cute ornaments from, what looked like, their retro grandma’s living room. And let’s not go too far and mention the let’s say… less fortunate stands? After all, everyone gave great advice and details of their company without a doubt.

As well as the exhibits, the day also included some very inspiring seminars from industry experts talking about customer engagement, marketing tips for increasing sales, data, the future of CRM and many more interesting talks.

But, of course the main reason for the day was for our love of marketing, sharing each others ideas, and speaking to all the different people throughout the day who inspired me and gave me some great insights. Although slightly disappointed at the organisation of how the event ran and how some agencies approached us, I still feel the event went well, and my colleagues agree with me.

We would like to give a big thank you to every agency, industry body and expert that took part in the exhibition, and who knows? Maybe we will be joining you next year ;).

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