Fluid Creativity to take on Manc v Food at Dogs ‘n’ Dough


There are only two things we like better than all this digital fodder and that’s doing things for charity and scoffing for England.

So naturally when we heard we could combine the two, we were on it like the proverbial scotch bonnet (of which we will be sprinkling lavishly on our hot dogs).

Now Manc v Food isn’t just an opportunity for us to pig out in good-conscience; Manc v Food is essentially a celebration of the great Mancunian stomach and, more importantly, the Manchester community at large. It’s not just an eat-a-thon, it’s a Manc eat-a-thon.

Basically, Dogs ‘n’ Dough will serve up a gut-busting selection of the finest meat and bread in the North, the brave will take it on, and a chunky 30% of the money raised will go to Forever Manchester.

So, with our place secured, our four-strong team quaking and the knowledge that whatever happens, vomiting on the street isn’t uncommon in Manchester, we invite you to come along and cheer us on.

You’re about to see something really special.

When and where:

Wednesday 19th March, 7:30pm

Dogs ‘n’ Dough
Bow Lane
Manchester (just off Albert Square)
M2 4JW

The rules:

In teams of four, the aim will be to sink as many hot dogs as possible in under 10 minutes. The winners will be rewarded with £200, a T-shirt proclaiming their excellence and a coveted position on the DnD ‘top dogs’ shrine. 30% of money raised will go directly to Forever Manchester.

Eating strategy etiquette is yet to be confirmed.

The fearsome foursome:

1. James ‘Dish-up’ Bishop

Greatest achievement to date: 2 Big Macs and 2 McChicken sandwiches in one greased-fuelled sitting.

2. Steph ‘Mega-mouth’ Mizera

Greatest achievement to date: ‘Maccies’ for starters, 18” pizza for mains, 1 bottle of Vodka to wash it all down.

3. Chris ‘Stomach of 12 Oxen’ Smith (self-titled)

Greatest achievement to date: Once ate the contents of an entire farmyard in a single sitting (unconfirmed).

4. ScoFF ‘I bring my own sauce’ Green

Greatest achievement to date: Necking 60 chicken nuggets.

Calling all big eaters! Strategy planning…

Now, we’re new to all this ‘competitive eating’ malarkey and ideally we could do with some pointers from any experts out there. Shall we get our team on a diet of Ryvita and cottage cheese now, or is two weeks of gluttonous stuffing the best way to go?

We’re open to suggestions, big, small, weird or otherwise. Bull testicles you say…?

Add your wisdom to the comments and come down on the night to show us your support!

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