Fluid Creativity expansion

We are delighted to announce the arrival of three new web developers to our team. Over the recent months there has been a growing demand for our development services and because of this new business, we’ve needed to expand and employ new members of staff. Here’s the lowdown on our new recruits:

Rachel Shillcock is our new front end developer, you may already know her as @missrachilli on Twitter, or from the various digital events around Manchester. Rachel has agency and freelance experience and completed a couple of work experience projects at Manchester University – all at the grand old age of 21. Rachel enjoys reading on her Kindle, is a keen photographer and will always be found at digital meet-ups in Manchester.

Ben Ely (right) is our new intern and works with us as a back end developer, he’s already completed two years at Manchester Metropolitan University as a software engineering student and after his year with us, he’s got one more year to complete before he graduates. Ben commutes from Wigan every day but is hoping to settle in Manchester at some point soon. He is a Wigan Athletic supporter and is very happy that they just scraped staying in the Premiership! Follow Ben on Twitter @trsben.

Iain Cambridge (left) is our new back end developer fresh from the Highlands (well, Glasgow) and only moved to Manchester last July. Iain has been developing PHP since the wee age of 16; working on his own personal projects and freelancing. After several years freelancing, Iain joined an Aldershot-based company where his main focus was WordPress plugin development. Iain enjoys writing code and “bitching about other peoples’ code.” You can follow Iain on Twitter @ircambridge.

As well as new recruits, we’ve also had a couple of promotions. Graham Nimbley, who has been with Fluid for five years as a developer, is now the Technical Manager of the development team. Graham (@gnimbley) helps run the department by dealing with quality control, R&D, training and ensuring Fluid is at the forefront of the industry in terms of output, standards and innovations. Another one of our developers, Mike Smith, who has been with Fluid for two and a half years has also been promoted. Mike’s new role is Development Manager and he ensures the smooth-running of the development team by managing projects and overseeing the day-to-day running of the department. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @mikegsmith76.

Fluid are still expanding and we are currently searching for a new SEO Sales Executive.

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