Flash Animation: What You Need To Know

Livening Up Your Website With Flash

Overdoing the amount of animation on your website will effectively kill the experience from the users perspective. Adding just the right amount, however, adds a touch of refinement, drawing the user into the website and allowing them to commit to whatever mindset you are trying to establish.

If you think that your website could do with a small facelift, Fluid Creativity have compiled the following ideas that can help to transform a website:

Navigation menu’s

Rotating, morphing, and interactive text are really neat and fun to use. Try to avoid adding sound files, such as clicks, beeps, or songs however, as a user will often mouse-over the entire menu, and the last thing you want is for them to leave the website because they got annoyed with the medley of noises.

Page headers and titles

Want to emphasise or draw attention to something? Moving text or animation will catch the eye of a viewer, immediately drawing their attention to it (and whatever you want to get noticed).

Animations, cartoons, or games

Adding interactive elements, such as a cartoon or flash game, is a fun way for a user to become more involved with your website. If you have a website about poker, for example, having a flash version of Texas Hold’Em will generate interest and viewer loyalty. Flash Games can also have a viral marketing effect, with users sending links to the game to their friends.

Pop-up Information Windows

Great for definitions, pricing, quoting, etc. This type of pop-up window is an immediate attention grabber and is also unobtrusive.

When Flash Animation Goes Wrong!

Going crazy with flash animation is a big no-no. As tempting as it may be (and trust us, it is tempting), keep your head on your shoulders and your feet on the ground. Tasteful flash additions will add to your overall site design and can turn your informative yet dull website into a mine of information that keeps users coming back for more; adding too much animation to your site will have the opposite effect and drive customers away.

Talk to Fluid Creativity today about adding the right amount of flash animation to your website. We have a number of professional graphic artists that can help you create the right Flash graphic for your site.

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