Five best SME Facebook business pages from up North

We wanted to steer clear of the Pringles, Adidas, Starbucks and Coca-colas – don’t get me wrong their Facebook pages are a triumph but they’re never ending marketing budget and millions of fans come part and parcel with their brand and popularity. We want to show you some great SME’s that are using Facebook well to drive sales. Take a look at our five favourites from up North. Hopefully they will give any business starting out on Facebook loads on ideas and inspiration.

Band on the Wall
3,577 people like Band on the Wall which is a not-for-profit venue run by registered charity Inner City Music that brings some of the best music from around the world to Manchester. Their Facebook page gives fans up-to-date information about up and coming line-ups. The guys that run the Facebook page are great at replying to comments left on their wall and they get involved in the conversation. To their credit Band on the Wall give a great stream of relevant information to fans.   It’s also exciting to see what’s coming to Manchester and by including videos and pictures of said artists the posts contain some great content. Band on the Wall also post videos of events held there and link through to their vimeo site connecting other social media sites.  Band of the Wall have all the information you need about the venue, opening times, location etc.  Finally they are making the most of the tabs above showing some great reviews, events listings and include some awesome pictures and albums from acts, venues and creative fliers.

Cricket Liverpool
Cricket is an exclusive fashion boutique based in Liverpool famed for the local celebrities who shop there. With 2,005 fans they are very popular and posting the products is enough to hold the interest their fans who are all about fashion. They are available to answer any questions about stock, new lines and new orders. They include loads of pictures that are a huge selling point and the notes tab being used as a blog keeps everyone up to date on events and news.

American Soda
American Soda have one of the best Facebook fan pages for a small business. With 7,482 fans they use it mainly as a customer service front which works really well. They really interact with the their customers, have conversations, answer any questions and keep it very up to date. They allow their customers to add their own photos and write on their wall which encourages a mutual trust. Their customers are always adding comments about how great their products and services are and if anyone has a problem it is clear that someone has picked it up responded and dealt with it efficiently, resolving any issues in a timely and personable way. American Soda have added content from their Twitter and YouTube sites in the tabs above, this allows the customers to connect with them on other social platforms. This Facebook page really does revolve around the fans.

Bespoke Blinds & Poles Ltd
I really like this example as it’s such a different product to the others I have discussed. Bespoke Blinds and Poles have 1,094 fans. The wall is very personable and has a friendly touch, they are not overwhelming you with their products and focus on giving sound advice. The enquiry tab they have installed is a great idea for fans to request a call back from Facebook.  It shows that they go that little bit further in terms of their customer service and makes it so much easier for their fans to contact them. The info tab is thorough and gives all the details a potential customer needs. The boxes tab has some great images, links and videos and they are using the notes page like a blog which add a really nice touch. The time invested in the Blinds and Poles Facebook is paying off. Their photos not only show their products but also their involvement in the local community. This is great Facebook site for a small company selling very niche products.

Chester Zoo
Chester Zoo has a whopping 10,052 people who “like this” and who can blame them? For animal lovers it’s a great way to keep up to date with the local zoo. Again like American Soda, Chester Zoo lets people write on their wall which is great.  People start conversations around visits and recommendations. They post lovely pictures of the animals and announce new arrivals to the park including recently a very cute baby elephant, these give people reasons for a new visit. Their YouTube tab allows people to link with them on other social platforms and their notes tab give users more detailed information about what’s happening at the Zoo.  It’s a very friendly, local Facebook page.

The five companies above can do a lot more with their Facebook pages but as far as building up a good following and putting in solid foundations they have made a great start. By adding additional tabs to blogs, branded games, vouchers and discount codes, links to other social sites, review tabs, etc will help the fans and users interact with the brands. It’s really important no matter the size of the brand to make your site personable and friendly, people aren’t going to want to be a fan of a company that spams them with their products.

If you can think of any more that you think deserve a shout out we’d love to hear about them.

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  • Marketing Donut

    An excellent collection of examples. Enjoyed reading it and have shared on our Facebook page. Thanks

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