Finding the time to blog

Blogging should be as long, short, detailed, simple etc. as you want it to be, it’s your opinion and so it should be expressed however you think. Bloggers don’t just blog to waste time, they do it because they have an idea about something and feel the need to express that in written words, like a diary but letting the world know instead, so finding the right time in the day can be crucial when a fantastic idea suddenly pops into your head.

Blogs are so much more interesting nowadays, newspapers and articles are becoming a thing of the past as blogs seem to update me daily on what’s happening in the world. I check almost every day for technology news via the web and the most interesting ones are usually personal opinions.

Personal Blogging

Blogging as a hobby will always be written at a different time than a work blog. Work blogs seem to be based on that specific industry and will also have a deadline to be produced, whereas with a personal blog you will have to produce your blog in the free time that you get. I feel that with personal blogs it’s lovely to write at night when I’m calm and peaceful, just after watching Corrie on a Wednesday night with a glass of wine (more than likely a brew instead) and with my head full of all sorts of ideas from the day that’s just passed.

The more relaxed you are the more your ideas will flow, blogging personally is a hobby and so it shouldn’t be stressful at all, it should be enjoyable. Jotting down events that have happened throughout the day, like a diary, and analysing them when you get home could set you up for a range of stories.

Writing In chunks

When I get an idea I tend to write the blog in parts throughout the day, I’ll quickly type out my idea and then get to it, adding bit-by-bit as and when I get the time. You’ll find that some bloggers find this difficult to do as they loose their trail of thought, I on the other hand find it a lot easier and it also helps with different ideas that I pick up as the day goes on.

This can help when you’re writing a blog for a business, you’ve got so much on your mind that you don’t have the time to sit down for an hour, and so writing in parts can save you time and you’ll be surprised at the end of the day by how much you’ve got done.

Out of ideas?

Writer’s block can be a big pain in the arse and the more you tell your brain to think of something the more it just doesn’t. I sometimes find it better to start off a thought cloud and research the topic, or if you don’t have a topic, heading online to industry magazines/news articles and current topics stimulates ideas and gets the ball rolling which sets me off burning into the page with ideas.

Writing a blog on the type of project you’re currently working on is a fantastic idea, you will have a lot of insight into the subject which will help you to run your fingers off typing up and will also help to complete to your blog deadline.

Plan Ahead

Use a calendar or some sort of system with an alarm to set targets for the journey of the blog. Also set a time/date for blog images so that the creative team can fit it into their plans to make your image.

That Posting Moment

You’ve finished your blog, you’re confident that it sounds great and you agree to all of the points that you have made, now it’s time to post. Making sure you post at the right time is vital, depending on the blog. For example, you could write a blog on ‘The best restaurants in Manchester’ and Tweet around lunch in order to gain the most interaction. You can find out more from a previous blog on Fluid Thinking ‘Want to be an expert Tweeter’.

Whether it’s a business blog or a personal blog, what you write is your opinion and finding the time to blog means planning correctly to fit it in with your work.

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