Fast Fluid Thinking: Adding a YouTube tab to your company Facebook page

Adding a YouTube tab to your Facebook page takes seconds, but it’s well worth it if you have a selection of promotional videos, how-to’s or ‘vlogs’ sitting lonely on your company YouTube channel.

Here we’ll show you exactly how to do it using only five screenshots and less than 200 words. As ever, if you have any queries/questions/challenges or otherwise, feel free to comment and we’ll try to oblige!

1. Head to the Facebook YouTube Tab and click on the ‘Use Now’ call to action.


2. Click ‘Install Application’

Install YouTube App

3. Select the page you want to add the tab to and then select ‘Add Page Tab’.

Add page tab

4. Within a few seconds your YouTube tab will appear. Don’t panic if Nike/Apple/Coca-Cola or a trending video pops up, the next step is to identify your own channel.

Fluid test Youtube tab

5. Expand the ‘Administrator panel’ spanning the top of the video and type in your YouTube account name:

Admin panel

6. If your ‘featured video’ is automatically set to an outdated video, type in your ‘featured video ID’. Be aware this will be the letter/number combination in your video share code.

For example:

Your videos (and featured video) will now be accessible via the tab on your page.

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