Facebook Timeline In Action: The British Monarchy

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many spotlights on the best use of Facebook’s Timeline for Pages. Any time I spot a truly great Facebook Page I plan to blog about it, hopefully with the aim of giving you some ideas on what to do with yours.

First up is the Facebook Page of The British Monarchy. The Queen’s old page was good. But they’ve embraced Timeline and done some wonderful things with it.
The British Monarchy Facebook Timeline

Without doubt the most impressive use is to populate the Timeline dating right back to 1952 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth became Queen following King George VI’s death. The 1952 entry is a black and white photo of the new Queen stepping off a plane and is described thus:

Dressed in black, Her Majesty sets foot on British soil for the first time as Queen following the death of her father, King George VI and her resulting Accession. Her Majesty was in Kenya when she learnt of her father’s death.

From that point on, most significant moments of the Queen and her family’s life is detailed and it’s a very interesting read if you’re into this sort of thing. Other notable entries on the Timeline are Her Majesty’s coronation in June 1952, with accompanying photo, her first televised Christmas broadcast and The Beatles receiving their MBEs from her.

There’s also the date the Queen started Tweeting noted on her Timeline (June 2009)! And in case you were wondering, the death of Princess Diana IS included too.

The usual hatches, matches and despatches (births, marriages and deaths) are also there, though the birth of Prince Charles is oddly omitted, perhaps because he was born before the Queen became, well, Queen (1948 if you didn’t know). In the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this is all going to prove very useful as no doubt millions of people around the world will want to know more about Her Majesty and the Royal Family as a whole.

The attention to detail that’s gone into the new Monarchy Facebook page is remarkable. For those who want to know pretty much everything there is to know there are a plethora of Notes (a much under-utilised tool on Facebook!) that give in depth information from the Court on events and the like.

The Monarchy’s other web presences aren’t ignored, with regular links to the Royal Website, YouTube Channel and, believe it or not, Charles, Camilla’s, William’s and Harry’s own Storify profile, Clarence House, amongst others!

There’s no doubting that The British Monarchy are embracing social media and are making Facebook central to their online lives. There’s even a Royal Household Facebook app. Fabulous stuff.

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