Exhibitions, Networks & Seminars, it all gets a little confusing

Although you may think it’s a while off, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2013 and hello to brand spanking new 2014 and as such, Fluid are busy getting prepared for what may be in stall for us this coming year.

One of the things we’re looking at is attending and exhibiting at events; we want to make sure we’re choosing the right ones in order to network, gain inside news and exhibit our services.

With so many events and exhibitions being held, however, finding the right one for your business can be difficult. Below, we’ve provided some handy tips when looking for an event.


The first thing I do when starting my event research is look into past events and see how well they did. Checking Twitter, Facebook and other such social media channels using hash tags from last year’s event will show you how the whole day panned out – the public are very honest people, therefore you’ll gain as much information as you need to know.


Firstly, start looking in your own business sector so that you can network and come across potential clients. Some exhibitions may vary depending on what you specify in. Start to look for events that just focus on your sector and then move onto some combined sector events.

After you’ve looked into events for your sector, move onto looking at trending sectors in your clients list. By attending events that your clients’ sectors are involved in, you can delve into their industry a little more, discover current industry trends and understand what their clients and customers are looking for.

The Right Stand

When exhibiting you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. There will likely be hundreds of other stands and using your company’s personality is the best way to get noticed. Giveaways will always attract visitors but you want to make sure people are visiting you to gain some advice and learn more about your business – not just to nick your confectionary. Look for events that will provide you with a reasonable spot at the right price and make sure you get the measurements of your exhibiting space.

Location is key. Ask the event organisers to send over a floor plan and pick a spot with the right exposure. Entrances and exits are the best spots but think about where people will go most often over the course of the day – maybe near a café or even the toilets?


Why not take a look at what your peers are up to and see what events they are attending to get some ideas? You want to make sure you gather as much information as possible about an event to exhibit at or even network at.

Your Area

Look for events that specialise in your area. For example, Fluid uses Manchester Digital, Manchester Marketeers, MIDAS, etc. These associations give a lot of information and if they have a website they should have an events page. An event listed by a trusted local organisation is likely to be of a high quality.

Don’t be a pest!

You know yourself that there’s nothing worse than an exhibitor jumping out at you, pretty much forcing you to talk to them with their flyer in your face and blurting information at you which you no longer care about because you’ve switched off and all you want to do is push them out of the way to find a stand that is a little less keen.

So with that in mind, keep it friendly but not cheesy as I like to say. Allow the attendee some room to breath, your stand should do the work and entice a visitor. On the other hand don’t fall asleep, and by fall asleep I mean distracting yourself with a phone/laptop/any device that means you won’t be alert to passersby and that may distract you from doing your job. Make yourself available to talk to and be that ‘help on hand’ type of person.

Look out for Fluid as we’ll be attending a number of exhibitions in the coming year.

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