Every Joe Blogs

This blog is about blogging and how everyone who blogs about everything that can possibly be blogged has led me to write a blog about all the blogs.

Do you follow that? I don’t and I wrote it.

Doing this writing malarkey every day brings me face to face with a lot of blogs (I’m sick of saying blogs) and when I say a lot, I mean the online equivalent of the Amazon jungle. I sometimes even get lost on the internet because I’ve been on a blog that’s led me to its friend’s blog and before I know it I’ve taken sweets from the scary blog and ended up in a dark and dingy place of bad spelling and spammy links.

Don’t get me wrong, blogs are my bread and butter. I love writing them and I love discovering a great piece of content, but the tide of blogs is rising so relentlessly I fear we may soon lose the online equivalent of Norwich. And there’s some good stuff in Norwich. Probably.

Just off to check a blog on Norwich…

My point is, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog these days and standing above the raucous racket of ‘check out my blog’ can seem like an impossible task. If we followed every request to look at someone’s blog we’d be reading about ecology or beauty or the ramblings of a ‘lonely wanderer’/’fuzzy pixie’/’annoying creative self assigned’ name every night.

But, as much as the noise is deafening, it’s also infectious and being the quite sheep in a herd of gobby blighters isn’t going to get you brownie points for your dignified aloofness. A high quality blog has become an essential part of any online marketing campaign, your chance to primarily engage and entertain your readers whilst sharing your company news and successes. It also allows SEO to perform it rituals of voodoo and make sure that you are well and truly on the Google map.

Make Your Blog Work For You

Ask any business or individual who is currently dipping their toe into the world of blogging what the hell’s stopping them and you usually get the same answers. Firstly, I’m sick of reading ‘the ramblings of an escapee’ but then the same old chestnuts of ‘I don’t have anything to say/I don’t see how it’ll help’.

People are now blogging about everything and anything including the kitchen sink. I say this because I honestly came across about a blog about a kitchen sink. It was a fancy sink, the merits were there, but it was still a kitchen sink. The moral of this tale is that everyone has something to say, and within a series of posts about interior design, the thrills associated with the aforementioned kitchen sink found its place.

They could write a film on the relationship between blogs and social networks. It would be one of the greatest love stories of our time – ‘It was love at first poke’. If your blog is your brew then social media is your chocolate biscuit. Put simply, a blog can help your social media campaign work harder and give your carefully placed tweets or a Facebook campaign a juicy signpost to your site. Internal linking in your blog can also take your avid readers on a guided tour of your website and the epic journey from Twitter to blog to tantalising link is one we should all experience. External linking is also good. Do I not tell you when I’ve seen/read something I think you will like? I think you will like this. It explains the importance of driving people to your juicy content quite well.

Remember, a blog is for life, not just for SEO and no one likes a fair weather blogger. Creating a presence that’ll keep people coming back to for a guaranteed good read, some industry insight or just for a bit of a barney is always important. Fresh content is appreciated by your readers and Google.

Coming Up With Good Regular Content

People wonder how Copywriters come up with content time and time again. We’re blessed, simple as.

But in all seriousness, writing for the same industry weekly can honestly make you question how anything else exists in the world that you can possibly cover. Here are a few tips that take my hand and lead me out of the maze of scribbled ideas quite regularly.

Hint, the world is a big and eventful place.  Quite a lot of stuff goes on. Every day. Tapping into the latest industry news can give you inspiration even in the most seemingly baron plains of content. Example? That weird piece of machinery you’re trying with all your might to make sound remotely interesting? You might find it has a crucial role in the new McLaren if you do your homework. God speed Google news.

Being topical gets you a ride on whichever dirt storm is hitting the web this week. Expanding on the bare bones of the news and offering your own predictions can make for an original piece (and make you look like a right smarty pants). If the news should fail you, staring out the window, worshipping your notebook and walking a hypothetical mile in your reader’s shoes also helps.

If something gets your goat, claiming that goat back publicly can spark instant imagination for an opinion piece. I’m not suggesting you rant about how taxi drivers spend more time swearing at cyclists than indicating on a blog about pet care, but offering your two cents here and there can make a post genuine and spark debate.

So this was the blog about blogging. Look out for a possible future blog from Chris Smith blogging about my blog about blogging.

Oh and incidentally, Tom’s is alright, Dick’s is rather witty and Harry’s giving it a stab.

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