Ecommerce Copywriting

Successful ecommerce copy should build trust, boost consumer confidence and persuade users to make a purchase. A well-written ecommerce site can work wonders for your conversion rates and also for your site’s search ranking. Ecommerce is hugely popular but there are a large proportion of users who are wary of entering card details online. Persuasive and professional copy will reassure your user your site is legitimate and safe to use.

Product descriptions

Many ecommerce sites make the mistake of using the original manufacturers’ product description or don’t include any description at all – your site’s copy must be unique, for SEO purposes and for credibility.

Use short sentences on each product description and bullet points to emphasise features and benefits. Users don’t want to spend too long on the page – they want to view your product, read about its benefits and features, and quickly browse over the delivery information before (hopefully) proceeding to the checkout.

ASOS is a leading online fashion retailer and their product descriptions follow a good format:

• A short, concise paragraph listing key features/benefits
• An easy on the eye information box with tabs highlighting delivery options and their returns policy
• A prominent CTA (Add to bag button)

However, I think bullet points would serve just as well as a succinct paragraph and I’d personally use both: a descriptive paragraph to sell the garment and bullet points to list its features. It’s important to remember that the user has a picture of the product, and often a video, but they cannot get a proper feel for the item like they would in a shop, it’s the copywriter’s job to convey the texture and feel through words.

Good advice

Avoid jargon – If you are writing descriptions for technical products you will need to include some specialised language but remember to simplify everything. The majority of people won’t understand technically-worded descriptions so break down the copy by describing how each technical point will benefit the user.

Write unique product descriptions – Original and compelling copy will attract the reader whereas copied product descriptions will bore the reader and produce duplicate content, which doesn’t rank well.

Find a tone of voice – You’ll need to find out your target market to decipher your tone of voice and you must keep it consistent throughout the whole site.

Highlight benefits – Everyone wants to know how a product is going to benefit them, what’s in it for your customer?

Your site’s copy should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, it should show off your company’s personality and help to sell your products. Get in touch if you need any help with your ecommerce site.

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  • Louise Preet

    Such a talented creation. It looks very wonderful site for the ecommerce copywriting. I just surprised to see the excellent bit. Keep it up!