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The new Fluid Creativity website: the Creative Process

24 January 2014
The world would cease to function if it wasn’t for the underappreciated. Forget your movie stars, your football players and your stick-thin fashion models; the real heroes of this lonely planet we call Earth are bin men, Subway sandwich artists, and web designers. Yes, web designers. While most code-hardened web developers would claim that designers are little more than latte-slurping, skinny-jean adorned wimps who draw pretty pictures for...
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We can learn something from the Daily Mail. Yes really!

25 February 2013
Recently I looked at the Mail Online for the first time in a long time (honest) and while I would like to say I was immediately sucked in by fantastic site design, I was in fact drawn to a story about two students putting their haunted mirror on EBay (and selling the story to a national newspaper in the process). But I suppose that was the point. One nil Mail Online, one nil. But I ignored all the ‘crime, crime, crime’ and the celebrity...
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What To Do When The Internet Is Making Us Lazy: The Power of Usability

11 February 2013
When researching for this blog, I learnt some interesting things about usability before actually reading any expert opinions. As sophisticated as my sifting methods were, I found myself disregarding blogs and websites based on the following common complaints. Firstly, while I’m waiting for this page to load I could be finding something great, secondly, that article is a million pages of tiny text and thirdly, that website looks crap. Told you...
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Responsive, Multi-Format Friendly & Vertical: Web Design Trends for 2013

25 January 2013
At the start of every year there’s a mountain of posts confidently predicting what the trends in web design will be over the coming 12 months. Example? Our post from November 2010, predicting the trends for 2011. It was, in fact, written by me so forgive me if I blow my own trumpet a bit. I predicted the following: 1) The death of Flash - largely true and it is incredibly rare to see a site feature this outdated, unsupported format. Score...
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Senitor IT Recruitment makes NORA Shortlist

18 October 2012
Specialist IT recruitment agency and Fluid Creativity client Senitor IT Recruitment have been shortlisted in the Best National Recruitment Agency category at the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA). Why are we telling you this? The clue is in the name - National ONLINE Recruitment Awards. Over the last year or so we have completely redesigned and developed Senitor's online presence, bringing it right up to date and providing a slew of...
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Hello Higgs Boson, Farewell Comic Sans

5 July 2012
You may have heard yesterday that some scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider/Super Armageddon Black Hole Generating Doomsday Device proved the existence of something called a Higgs boson, which from my understanding lends mass to particles, although not in the way McDonalds lends mass to people through it’s delicious/abhorrent range of products (I’m a damning indictment of educational physics at GCSE level). All you need to know is...
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