Back to basics marketing – the no frills email marketing that has us clicking

We have a Friday morning policy of starting earlier to finish earlier. While the going home at four part is universally loved, each Friday morning we debate whether it’s acceptable to turn up to work in our dressing gowns and nap until 9.

So when we discovered breakfast as a ‘company policy’ (complete with ‘breakfast exec’ and ‘consultant’) it became our saving grace. We’re now passionate advocates for an early morning meat fest and loyally stick to ‘Thyme to Eat’, an Ashton café that, we feel, understands us.

While the sausages are delicious and they make bread we didn’t know existed, the most amazing thing about Thyme to Eat is their email marketing campaign.

We say ‘campaign’ loosely, because we doubt there’s any strategy, long-term plan or desire to send out a branded template.

But it’s still one of the most effective emails that lands in our inbox.

The journey between curiosity and nom is a simple one, starting with a tantalising subject line and the most digestible body ever. Do you fancy chicken curry today? Yes? Open up, call us and ponder over ordering enchiladas on Thursday.

It’s completely free and almost genius in its effectiveness.

The emails have since evolved to get us effectively opening up (that’s the email and the menu) in seven words or less. This masterpiece has led to our Head of Online Marketing now knowing he wants the lasagne on Thursday.

Did we subscribe via a neat little widget hovering on their home page? No, just email and say “hi”. Thyme to Eat have gone from our Friday morning treat to a local one-stop-shop. Talk about making the most out of your existing customers.

Thyme to Eat effective email marketing campaign

It’s fair to say that we’re probably clicking because we know the grub is good. Or because food is universally loved by hungry staff at 10am on a Monday morning. But then again we know the same of Graze, and they’re still in my junk folder (brownies or not).

While the trust factor associated with household names would make the stripped back strategy wholly ineffective, and a line in New Times Roman announcing Topshop’s new autumn line would probably get flagged up as a scam, this works for this small but passionate local business. It’s friendly, it’s informative and we don’t even need to open the thing to know that Moroccan lamb is this week’s special (although we do, just to see what else is brewing). They’re perfectly timed and, for us, always land on our ‘pre-lunch decision making’ radar.

Is this the most amazing digitalisation of the specials board ever, or have we been swayed by delicious-tinted spectacles? We’d be really curious to know the extent to which these simple emails have maximised spend per customer.

So, with minds effectively blown and our copywriters wondering why we bother, we suggest you say “hi” to Thyme to Eat. In your face carefully crafted newsletter.

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