Applying at a Creative Web Design Agency: The Do′s and Dont′s

Here Fluid Creativity covers the basics of how to impress and how not to impress a design studio with your design CV. If you follow these simple steps, and your design rocks, it should be a sure fire hit to getting an interview. Good Luck!


  • Send examples of your work! Agencies love to see what you are capable of. If you are posting your CV and examples the sky is the limit, think about the presentation, printing and packaging. If you are emailing examples, please don′t send 10mb jpg′s for each piece of work, you should think about designing a PDF with quality work at a lower file size.
  • Send a creative CV. Simple word docs just wont do. If you are applying as a designer, design your CV. We here at Fluid Creativity are real suckers for type so getting the type right on your CV works wonders for our saliva glands! We also love decent paper… please no loo roll print outs.
  • Be different! Agencies will see many simple word typed CV′s with boring facts about what you like to do at the weekend and often these have poor quality designs thrown in for good measure, we at Fluid like to make hamster bedding with these CV′s so unless you are an animal lover, think about being different… but don’t over do it!
  • Do your research. For example Fluid Creativity are a design studio with major project focus on the web. If you know nothing about the web, or hate designing for the web, then we aren′t for you. We also pride ourselves on producing high quality design, if we hire, we are looking for candidates who wouldn′t struggle to produce something to our usual standards. So choose an agency that suits your skills.


  • Don′t send your CV without any work examples, at least include a link to a website portfolio. How will we know how good you are if all you send is details about who else you’ve worked for.
  • Don′t send a link to a website that uses bad code such as tables or frames. The leading design studios will know about accessibility and web standards and are looking for people who know about modern web design without the need for using dated trends. You don’t have to be a web guru, but knowing about new trends such as social networking, blogging and media feeds helps.
  • Don′t hand write your CV unless you have designed it to look handwritten. In fact, just don’t hand write your CV…
  • Don′t list your skills as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator these are programs you know how to use, not your skills. Skills should be listed separately to programs you are proficient in.
  • Be enthusiastic without being scary. If you have received a reply saying an agency isn′t interested, please don′t ring or re-send your CV every week for the next month, they will contact you if they are interested. (Trust us, we do get a few)

Follow these simple steps and were sure you should get put on a few yes piles. Remember, being a great creative isn’t just about what class degree you have or even if you have a degree at all, its about having a certain wow factor to the work you produce, if you don’t think wow… we won’t either.

Good Luck!!

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