Creative Web Design: An Awesome Thing

Fluid have been getting to grips with some nifty 3D work for the ‘An Awesome Thing’ project this week. This rusty looking object was made using some basic modeling and image mapping techniques, brought to life by the use of atmospheric lighting and HDRI imagery.

We have also done a few small renders of our experiments. The render is not to the final polished standards we are aiming for, and dreading – because we estimate that just the 3D renders will take about a week to finish!! We may have to cut back on some effects such as depth-of-field if we want to get it done any quicker but can we afford to lose the awesomeness of DOF?

You can view the ‘An Awesome Thing’ test render and intro here.

Scott Green
  • Written by on 27th February 2009 at 12:42
  • “Scott green is a motion creative at Fluid Creativity.”
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  • James Chapman


    The still looks awesome (sorry…struggling to find a better adjective) and the vid looks really promising.

    nice work, sir!