A New Direction for the Next Fluid Video Viral

After seeing this video on Vimeo I couldn’t help feel like throwing a long piece of rope around the steel beams on the ceiling, securing it tightly around my neck and then jump off the office mezzanine!!

I/we will be aiming to achieve something to these standards in the next Fluid viral which is currently in the early stages of production (but with slightly less of the mind boggling 3D reactor physics work involved). Looking more at the camera movements, colouring and textures, with hints of typography and subliminal graphics with interesting compositions. Every second of the GKaster showreel is really appealing to me, but more importantly – we need a strong storyline/theme for the Fluid video!!

At the minute we have the planet earth (coloured in the Fluid green) rotating in space with the moon revolving around it. Graphics flash around space highlighting the stars with statistics reading:

‘6,456,546,234,678,856 (a huge number which changes over time) WEBSITES IN THE GALAXY… HOW ON EARTH WILL YOU BE FOUND?’.

But where can we take it from here?

At the minute, some text appears that reads ‘BY A RANDOM ACT OF GOD?’ as a comet flies in and crashes into the moon, leaving ‘WWW.’ imprinted on it, but we don’t think that that is going in the right direction.

While doing a bit of research into SEO I jotted down a few more ideas that relate to search that have potential to be adapted to the ‘space’ theme we’ve got going on, things such as:

  • A big Jetttson’s style arrow pointing to the earth reading ‘I AM HERE!’ directing traffic to it.
  • An alien popping it’s head out of a crater on the moon, possibly with the Google Analytics logo – Who is looking for you?
  • Robots – spiders, and things that Google uses to crawl the web.

I also came across a bit of info and a diagram on Page Rank: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagerank that I thought had potential to be adapted into planets in some way. I’ve also been making some graphical elements like Analytics graphs and statistics and other random graphics but I’ve yet to come up with a strong idea to use them for. We’re all about the creative ideas here at Fluid, though, so watch this space for developments!

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