Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fluid On Phorm With New Viral Videos

14 August 2008
The first episode begins with the daily journey of a member of our work team as he lies in bed dreaming; before he is woken by his abstract, but contemporary, Salvador Dali-like melting alarm clock that defies the laws of gravity and oozes fluid from it's interface, leaving our Graham feeling dazed and confused, and wondering if he is still dreaming. The green-screen facilities have been set up to achieve the exact look and feel of the glowing...
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Bohle Convex Mirror Systems

31 July 2008
Traditionally involved in business to business trade, Bohle Convex Mirror Systems is the company's first venture into direct sales to the customer. Bohle approached Fluid for a clean, engaging website to successfully showcase their products and reinforce an already strong brand message. It was also essential that the site be both easy to navigate and efficient to manage. Bohle Convex Mirror Systems have also drafted in Fluid's Search Engine...
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