Politics digitised

29 April 2015
With the GE just a week away, we thought we’d save our peers the trouble of reading the manifestos*. If you’re currently working in digital (and therefore probably one of the ‘squeezed middle’) simply find the digital force you’re most drawn to and vote accordingly. You’re welcome. *PS, for the love of the country, please actually read the genuine manifestos. Bigotry by default is not a good way to go with...
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Meet the new and improved Digital Marketing team!

17 April 2015
Earlier this week, Fluid’s search team were let loose on the TransPennine railway. Our mission? To make it to We Are AD’s Glasgow headquarters in one piece… It was all going well until total signal failure meant we were unceremoniously dumped at a station thirty minutes outside of Glasgow. But we were soon rescued and eventually delivered bleary eyed (and very confused by the strong ‘Weegie’ accent of our taxi driver) to the AD...
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We’ve been acquired by AD … but we’ll still be Fluid Creativity!

14 April 2015
We're very excited to announce that we've been acquired by digital agency We Are AD. The acquisition will enable AD, who already have offices in Glasgow and London, to open in Manchester ahead of schedule. Originally AD had looked to establish a dedicated Manchester base later in the year, however a mutual desire to expand both businesses led to an earlier collaboration. AD launched 17 years ago and, like us, is a multi-service digital...
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Getting mobile-friendly: The essential checklist for businesses

13 April 2015
On the 21st April, mobile-friendliness will become an official ranking factor. Google has spoken - the world is glued to their iPhones, iPads (and those inferior Android things) and we all need to be taking stock. You’re probably sick of hearing about ‘mobilegeddon’ by now, so this is our guide to cutting out the noise and assessing the impact the update could have on your business. How much mobile traffic are you...
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How to choose a digital agency (without the bullshit...)

7 April 2015
Unlike law, accountancy and any other long-established professions that business owners partner with, the digital industry doesn’t have the luxury of heritage. We’re new on the block, full of technical jargon and seen as saints and sinners in almost equal measure. We want to change this and make sure that businesses know exactly who they’re working with and, more importantly, why they’re working with them. Any business you...
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#COMBA15. The day after the night before…

27 March 2015
As headline sponsors, there was an awful lot of pressure on the Fluid team at last night’s City of Manchester Business Awards. We simply had to quaff Champagne as part of our official role. Ahem. Naturally we were actually on our very best behaviour. We met some wonderful Manchester businesses, ate some delicious food and basked in the splendour of Manchester Cathedral. All in all, it was pretty good going for a Thursday night. We also...
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