Developing a seamless new intranet for Whitecroft Lighting

26 February 2015
After a long-standing digital partnership with Whitecroft lighting, we’re thrilled to announce the completion of a brand new internal training portal. Whitecroft lighting is a leading provider of lighting and lighting controls for the commercial sector. After designing their customer website, our development team took charge of a central training system for the company’s dedicated sales team.   The project plays an...
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Read our social media data capture guide on Small Business (

14 January 2015
Clients often ask us how they can get the most out of their social media strategy and reap rewards which will help with their wider online marketing efforts. We’re not just talking Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter followers here (which can be fickle at best), we’re talking about strategies that will increase engagement and secure data which will be useful in future campaigns. Our guide is a step-by-step approach to help anyone get...
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12 days of Fluid

19 December 2014
We’re proud to say that our excitement levels at Christmas rival that of a five year old. Show us a live reindeer, a sausage wrapped in bacon and an inflatable Santa and we’re there. So naturally it’s been an exciting month full of treats, food and Christmas music. We thought we’d share the highlights and just maybe embarrass some Fluid staff. All photos were willingly taken without duress. You all have yourselves to blame… St...
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A guide to Magento Product Types

14 November 2014
We’re going to let you into a little trade secret now. The success of your e-commerce business doesn’t lie in what you sell, but in how you sell it. Whether you stock the most on-trend fashions at the cheapest prices, or unique hand-crafted trinkets that can’t be found anywhere else, if visitors have issues using your site they’re probably going to take their money elsewhere. With e-commerce, it’s all about making your website easy...
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