Content Marketing

Definitions of content marketing are rather convoluted, but at Fluid Creativity we don’t go in for buzz words and marketing ‘fads’; to us content marketing is about beautiful copy, powerful graphics and ideas that really generate engagement.

So don’t be surprised if we suggest something completely unique to promote your site. From blogs that pull in the masses to hard-hitting visual material, as a multi-service digital agency we’re more than happy to combine our talents to create content that truly showcases your brand.

As a marketing technique it is getting bigger and better. As a result, the content formats we produce reflect an ever-demanding audience:

  • Onsite blog posts
  • Outreach blog posts and PR articles
  • HD videos
  • Infographics
  • Downloadable resources, such as graphics, wallpapers and guides

Once your content is ready to go, our social and online marketing team will then help showcase your material to the masses. Using social media marketing, relevant outreach opportunities and targeting authoritative industry sites, we can ensure your content reaches your demographic. We’ll also track your site visits and conversions, so you can see how your campaign is performing.

So if you’re looking for a onsite blog to promote your company news and attract traffic or a strategy which will take your online presence to the next level, we have the expertise, the track record and the ideas to make it happen. Talk to us and see what we can do to get your brand out there.