3rd Party Integration

Your website isn’t the be-all and end-all of your business. In fact, it isn’t even the be-all and end-all of your digital presence.

3rd party integration incorporates important aspects of your business into your website management system, improving your efficiency and simplifying otherwise complex processes.

Ecommerce integration

We can integrate your existing backoffice systems and order processing software (including Magento order management) with your website, allowing you to automatically update your website with regular imports of new products and stock levels from your existing system.

Backoffice integration allows you to export online customers into your existing system, allowing you to manage all orders in one simple process.

Customer Relationship Management

Through integrating your existing customer relationship management system with your new website, we can ensure that all customer enquiries and communications are sent to a single location – with no need for time-wasting manual transfers of data.

Mobile and social media integration

Your customers don’t just visit your website – they’ll also be active on social media and on mobile devices. Through social media and mobile integration, we can help you monitor this activity – and capitalise on it.

It doesn’t end there; we can integrate your website with Google Analytics and anything else that will improve the overall efficiency of your online business. 3rd party integration can be carried out across any platform, no matter what the function of your website.

To learn more about third party integration, give us a call today.